RUSA LGBT Holds the First Town Hall with Queer Immigrants in Brighton Beach

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On November 15th 2018 RUSA LGBT hosted a first ever Town Hall with Queer Immigrants in Brighton Beach! Thank to everyone for coming to the Town Hall despite the inclement weather! You are heroes! It was not as expected but we had a great conversation! RUSA appreciates Shorefront Y and it’s director Susan Fox for having us and this opportunity …

Supporting Queer Individuals in Uzbekistan FlashMob

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RUSA LGBT, Rainbow America and Voices4_ invite you to join an international flash mob to support LGBTIQ people in Uzbeksitan! Uzbekistan is one of the post-Soviet countries, where same-sex relationships are still criminalized and punishable by the Penal Code Last December, a gay couple, both partners are 20-year old, was arrested and tortured by the police in Uzbekistan for “illegal …

Информационная Брошюра по Политическому Убежищу – 2018

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Дорогие друзья! Наконец-то, это свершилось и, благодаря неоценимым усилиям, Эльвиры Бродской – активистки и члена оргкомитета RUSA LGBT, – в свет вышла обновленная брошюра по политическому убежищу! Скачать брошюру вы можете по этой ссылке:    

Justice for Zelim Bakaev – Rally!

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A year ago, Zelim Bakaev (a Chechen singer) has disappeared in Chechnya while visiting his sister’s wedding. That was a beginning of the third wave of anti-LGBTIQ purges taken place in Chechnya. Since then, there have been a lot of rumors concerning Zelim’s disappearance, including Ramzan Kadyrov’s (The Head of Chechnya Republic) statement that Zelim was killed by his own …

Russian-Speaking LGBTIQ Community Is Under Homophobic Attack

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Lyosha Gorshkov, Co-President at RUSA LGBT has been threatened with his life and bodily harm after contradicting racist remarks coming from Malka Shahar during the life TV appearance on July 13th. After that, Lyosha started receiving hate comments and messages from Malka’s followers, as well as herself personally. Malka has produced multiple posts accusing Lyosha in witch hunting.   Here …

RIF Asylum Workshop: Advice About Asylum Interview (in Russian)

Lyosha Asylum / Убежище, Immigrants, Resources / Ресурсы Leave a Comment   Advice about Asylum Interview (RUSSIAN) June 22, 2018 Translated into Russian by Tanzilya Oren. СОВЕТЫ ПО СОБЕСЕДОВАНИЮ И ЗАЯВЛЕНИЮ НА УБЕЖИЩЕ И ЧАСТО ЗАДАВАЕМЫЕ ВОПРОСЫ ОТ  БЫВШЕГО СОТРУДНИКА ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОГО ОФИСА ПО УБЕЖИЩУ В понедельник, 4 июня 2018 года, Итан Таубс (Ethan Taubes), бывший сотрудник по вопросам убежища в государственном Офисе по Убежищу в г. Ньюарке, рассказал членам сообщества RIF …

RUSA LGBT is Honored by Letitia James

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On June 11, 2018 RUSA LGBT was honored to be recognized by its friend and ally, Tish James, the NYC Public Advocate for launching the Brighton Beach Pride and its work with refuges, asylum seekers, and immigrants from the countries of the Former Soviet Union. Tish James was only one elected official who had joined RUSA’s first Brighton Beach Pride …