RUSA Holds the World Cup Protest, 6/19

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Dear friends!

This year Russia holds the World Cup!

Despite the multiple protests, FIFA has not issued any statements demanded protection of LGBTIQ individuals, or, should we say, FIFA has nor been more persistent in its politics towards protection its LGBTIQ fans.

A couple days ago Russian ultra-right group of so-called Cossacks, had urged that it is going to patrol Ristov’s streets looking “for kissing men”.

Russia has imposed strict anti-LGBTIQ laws in 2013, and continuously discriminates LGBTIQ people. Moreover, Russia stubbornly denies a genocide of queer people in Chechnya. A month before the World Cup, the Russian Investigation Committee issued a statement, pointing out that “no gays were found in Chechnya”. A day after that, the Russian ombudsman, Moskalkova stated that “all gays killed in Chechnya belonged to ISIS.”

In that atmosphere of extreme hostility towards LGBTIQ people, FIFA keeps silence, and, by default, supports Russian Government hosting the World Cup!

The anti-LGBTIQ stances and politics also create a potential danger for all LGBTIQ soccer fans and soccer players coming to Russia abroad.

We are, RUSA LGBT, and Voices4_, demand FIFA, and such co-sponsors of the World Cup as Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Adidas etc., to acknowledge a potential danger for LGBTIQ people in Russia, and take a position against the Russian Government and its hostile, brutal, violent, and anti-human politics against LGBTIQ people!!

We also demand FIFA to improve its policy on acceptance and inclusiveness of LGBTIQ players !

We are holding a protest in Times Square!

JUNE 19th. 12 pm!

Meeting point is by Walgreens, 1471 Broadway!!!


Please, join us!!!

Event’s page:



Pic by Andrii Yermolenko #BloodyCup

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