KISS IN: STOP QUEER Purges in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan

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Hate crimes against LGBTIQ people in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan have reached its critical point. Appealing to “traditional” values the governments of those republics exercise its authority, rounding up, detaining, assaulting, and physically abusing LGBTIQ people. In some cases, police enforcements have started registering LGBTIQ people, blackmailing, and torturing detainees forcing them to give up the names of their LGBTIQ friends, and peers.

On Monday, February 11th at 1 pm, New Yorkers will gather near the Consulate General of Uzbekistan in NYC to protest the persecution, violent actions, and hate crimes against LGBTIQ people in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan. The Consulate General of Uzbekistan is located at 801 2nd Ave., New York, NY.

Last December, a gay couple, both partners are 20-year old, was arrested and tortured by the police in Uzbekistan for “illegal relationships.” A couple was accused in having sexual intercourse, which considered as a crime in Uzbekistan according to the Penal Code. “Authorities confirmed to media they conducted ‘anal probe torture’, an intrusive and outdated practice, and found one man had engaged in ‘repeated sexual intercourse’. These intrusive ‘tests’ involve examining someone’s anus to see if they had been penetrated, check for traces of sperm and taking a picture to ‘study’ the shape of the hole. If it is wider, the more ‘likely’ the person has engaged in gay sex, according to the widely discredited test from the 19th century.” (, or, or )

The President of Uzbekistan, Karimov, called gay people “a vile phenomenon of Western culture.”

Ali Feruz, a journalist at “Novaya Gazeta” (one of few opposition newspapers in Russia), and open advocate for LGBTIQ rights, who has been detained by Russian authorities since August 2017, is ordered to be deported to Uzbekistan. If Ali deported to Uzbekistan, he would be, most likely, killed as he has been an open critic of the corrupted Uzbek Government. (

As 2017 had been coming to the end, the Governments of neighboring to Uzbekistan countries, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan, have started registering LGBTIQ people. In October 2017 the Azerbaijan police had “conducted a violent campaign, arresting and torturing men presumed to be gay or bisexual, as well as transgender women” (

At the same time, Tajikistan authorities “have drawn up a register of 367 allegedly gay citizens, suggesting they would be required to undergo testing to avoid “the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases” (

We demand stop genocide against LGBTIQ people in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan! The actions against LGBTIQ people taken by the Governments of these countries are violating all international human rights statutes, laws, and declarations, and must be prosecuted!

“The Voices 4 x Rusa LGBT Queer Kiss-In is a consent-based act of solidarity in protest of the treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan.

In order to ensure that this kiss-in is a safe space for all involved, we recommend that you bring a kissing partner. If you don’t bring a partner and you’d like to participate, please ask a person’s consent before attempting to kiss them.

If you’d like to participate but don’t feel comfortable with kissing, you can also embrace your partner or hold their hand. And if physical contact is outside your comfort zone, there will be posters and flyers available for holding and handing out.

If you have any question or concerns, you can reach out to one of our CHIC Chaperones wearing arm bands.”


RUSA LGBT – Russian-Speaking LGBT American Association


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