Urgent: Russian Gay Couple under Attack from the State

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Two brave gay men, Evgeny Voitsekhovsky and Pavel Stotsko, are currently under attack by the police in Moscow, Russia.

A few days ago, Evgeny and Pavel, who got married in Denmark, upon their return to Russia received an official stamp of registration of their marriage in their Russian passports. It was done in accordance with the Russian family law, without violating any of its statutes, by an official representative of the state.

After their story was publicized in Russian and international media, the Ministry of the Interior of Russia annulled their passports. The clerk who put the registration stamp in their passports, along with her superiors, was fired.

Tonight, several plain-clothed police officers knocked on Pavel’s door, demanding entry without any explanation or warrant. After Pavel and Evgeny refused to open the door, the police disconnected electricity and internet in their apartment.

Please share widely and draw attention to this story. We at RUSA LGBT are very concerned about safety of this couple.

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  1. I’m not surprised by this story, but I’m deeply saddened. I wish these men all the best and hope that no harm comes to them or their families.

  2. Russia is a disgrace in regard to it’s treatment of LGBT people. It is NOT a democracy (though it claims to be). It does NOT respect human rights. It spits on the rights of gay people.

    If I were this couple, I would have stayed in Denmark.

    I applaud the couple for their bravery.

    But their chances of being treated with dignity is very small.

    I wish them love and luck.

  3. So? Aside from posting this and letting others know – what good is that? – how can we be of other help? A few suggestions in the article might help.

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