Queers and Fears: Russia Then and Now

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We are thrilled to announce that Hudson Park Library (NYPL) hosts Lyosha Gorshkov’s series of lectures:

Lyosha Gorshkov is Co-President at RUSA LGBT (Russian-Speaking American LGBTQ Association). He holds a PhD in Political Science. Lyosha is a former Political Science Professor at Perm State University in Russia. His field of research is Queer and Gender Studies. In July 2014, after being persecuted and physically threatened by Security Services, and Neo-Nazi groups for being an openly gay professor, and vocal advocate for LGBTIQ rights, he was forced to leave Russia. Lyosha was granted asylum in the U.S. in March 2017.

Part I. “Who Is Happy In Russia?”: Peasants, Aristocracy, and Queer Stances under the Empire.

FEBRUARY 22, 6:30 PM

The historical perspective of queer political culture during Czarist Russia will be discussed.


Part II. Revolution or (De)Evolution

MARCH 1, 6:30 PM

Living inside the mental and spiritual prison for years during the Soviet times, Russian gays became caught up in Perestroika and liberalization. However, that “honeymoon” would not last long and Russian LGBT would be forced to hide themselves once again in the closets, or flee the country, afraid of persecution, torture, and permanent humiliation. What does it mean to live under the rainbow shadow within Putin’s Russia?

Hudson Park Library:
66 Leroy Street

New YorkNY10014

(212) 243-6876


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