RUSA LGBT is a Part of the “End Global LGBTQ Persecution NOW” Protest!

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RUSA LGBT is a co-sponsor of the “End Global LGBTQ Persecution NOW” Protest, organized by Rise and Resist group.

The protest is taking place Sunday, September 10th, at 2 pm!

Everybody is welcome to join our common efforts to protect all immigrants!

“A Rally in Advance of the 2017 United Nations General Assembly

From September 12 – 20, the United Nations General Assembly will convene their annual meeting. Join us two days earlier, on Sunday, September 10 to call the attention of the delegations to the persecution of their LGBTQ citizens that scores of member states, on almost every continent, are pursuing or permitting. We plan to rally in solidarity with the global LGBTQ community and demand that the United Nations’ own Universal Declaration of Human Rights be respected and recognized as applying to LGBTQ citizens. Speakers with experiences as immigrants, asylum seekers and asylees, and representatives from human rights organizations will share their stories.

Internationally, LGBTQ people are increasingly facing violence and persecution from either the state, religious institutions acting in the name of the state, or extra-judicial mobs operating with impunity from the state. Even in countries that have signed on to the 2006 General Assembly declaration of LGBT rights, not enough is being done to ensure that LGBTQ people are protected within their borders.

As activists and people of conscience worldwide watch in horror as LGBTQ people are rounded up, detained, imprisoned, kidnapped, tortured, and murdered, it is imperative that the United Nations take a forceful stand in denouncing these horrific acts and demand that member states protect LGBTQ citizens from the mob violence that is too often the result of their anti-LGBTQ policies. It is equally imperative that the United States and other signators of the declaration of LGBT rights adopt less restrictive and less onerous asylum policies and procedures in order to adequately address the unique traumas that persecuted LGBTQ people can be forced to endure.

Finally, it is also imperative that the moral, ethical Americans take a forceful stand on all of these issues, as our current presidential regime possesses neither the ethical understanding nor moral strength necessary to ensure that the United States continues to strive to live up to its ideals in order to truly be a beacon for global human rights.

Co-Sponsored by:
Spectrum Uganda Initiatives”

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