Russian LGBT Activists at NYC Pride

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Dear friends, RUSA LGBT is working to invite LGBT activists from Russia to NYC Pride. We want to strengthen their activism and introduce them to some of the U.S. LGBT organizations and we also want the activists to have a vacation.
Russian LGBT organizations spearheaded the evacuation efforts to help Chechen LGBT survivors.
They were helping Chechen torture victims during last several months. This is very important and exhausting work. Activists need to decompress and rest. We are trying to invite Igor Kochetkov and Tatiana Vinnichenko from Russian LGBT Network and Olga Baranova from the Moscow Community Center for LGBTQ Initiatives. These organizations arranged emergency shelters for LGBT Chechens, psychological and medical help, and are assisting them with immigration process and visas.

We would like to invite these activists with their partners, as we really want them to have a vacation.

Our generous partner, CBST, is sponsoring this effort in part. RUSA can afford to buy one ticket right now and we are still short of funds for one more ticket. We have reached out to NYC Pride for help, and they promised to respond, but we are running out of time.

Please help us make this trip possible! You will have a chance to meet all the activists and hear their first account of events on 6/24 at 2pm at the CBST! Details to come shortly.

We are almost there and need to collect just for one more person!

Thank you!

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  1. Wishing you good luck with raising funds. And good luck with bringing Russian and Ukrainian activists to New York for Pride 2017. I pray for your success in the effort.

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