May 1st Rally In St.Petersburg, Russia. Igor Kochetkov (left), the chairperson of the Russian LGBT Network is detained. Image By фонтанка.ру

Russian LGBT Activists and Board Member of the Russian LGBT Network Detained

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Friends – today several LGBTQ activists were detained in St. Petersburg, Russia during a May 1st Rally. They were detained for raising rainbow flags and chanting “Kadyrov to The Hague”.
One of the detained activists is Igor Kochetkov, the former chairperson of the Russian LGBT Network and current Board member (updated). Russian LGBT Network is the only Russian organization that now systematically works on evacuation of LGBT people from Chechnya. Now the organization’s Board member is detained! This is another attempt of the Russian government to silence the Russian LGBT Network.

OVD Info, media project that monitors politically-motivated prosecutions in Russia, published that six people, including Igor Kochetkov, Kir Fedorov, Valery Sozaev, will be left in detention overnight and that they are being charged with insubordination against police.
This is a serious charge, activists might be detained for 15 days. Speak up against this unlawful detention. Do everything you can to make sure that all activists are released and that the Russian LGBT Network can continue its work on evacuation of LGBTQ people from Chechnya.

Valery Sozaev, one of the long-serving Russian LGBTQ activists, had been detained as well. He was a guest at the NYC Pride two years ago, he marched in the Pride with RUSA LGBT group.

Update: Ayman Eckford is also detained, Ayman is a queer activist and autism activist. Ayman needs medical care.

Call to 23rd police precinct in St. Petersburg, Russia +7 812 573-71-12. Demand release of LGBT activists!

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