Get Together: Discussing the Future

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Last Wednesday, November, 16th RUSA held a discussion on possible consequences for immigrants after the elections.

We were talking about the health insurance, immigration process, and social actions that we can take as a community.

Our guests, Nishan Bhaumik (attorney, Anti-Violence Project) and Sebastian Maguire (attorney, NY City Council), pointed out that despite the rhetoric of the President-elect and his advisers, it is not easy to change the regulations in a couple of months. It could take years. The main focus of the New Administration is undocumented immigrants with criminal records, and it is still unclear how the new Government is going to handle this. Our guests advised us to be careful and make sure that everyone, who is seeking asylum has an attorney, or, at least, goes to attorney for the one-time consultation  before failing the application.

We had also discussed the safety issues regarding a participation in the protests.  We have to be aware of every step that we take, and we should act within the law, avoiding any conflicts with the law enforcement. By the way, RUSA will have a meeting with the representatives of LGBT Unit at NYPD on November 30th.

At the end, we discussed the opportunities to be socially active in terms of fighting for our own rights! One of the possible activities in a near future might be our “march” to Washington D.C. along with the Feminist Movement on January, 20th. We will keep you updated!

Don’t give up! Don’t get depressed! Don’t listen the people who are trying to put you down spreading pessimistic prophesies! We are still in the U.S., where each and anyone has a voice that should be raised!


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