Meet Our NYC Pride Guests – 2016!

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Anna Leonova, Gay Alliance Ukraine

Анна Леонова-2

Anna is an Executive Director of Gay Alliance Ukraine and the Chair of OdessaPride-2016 Organizing Committee. Gay-Alliance Ukraine is a partner of RUSA LGBT since 2014. Gay Alliance Ukraine works to develop LGBT movement in Ukraine, to provide information through education and advocacy, and to offer online and printed resources for the LGBTQ community in Ukraine and general public. Gay Alliance Ukraine has regional representative offices in many regions of Ukraine.


Julia Grinvish, Russian LGBT Sport Federation

Yulia Grinvich-3

Julia is the Director of Regional Affairs of Russian LGBT Sport Federation, Development Coordinator of the “Queer Peace” group, Member of the Russian LGBT Network – Moscow Division, and disability rights activist. Russian LGBT Sport Federation is focused on providing social services for the LGBT communities, such as projects aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle, health care and sport culture. The Federation has regional representative offices in 27 Russian cities.


Sergey Alexeenko, Murmansk LGBT Group “Maximum”

Sergey Alexeenko-3

Sergey is a Leader of the Regional Group for Support of LGBT Community “Maximum” (Murmansk, Russia). The Group was founded in 2007. In 2012, Sergey and his colleagues organized a community center “The House of Equality” where meetings, workshops, and roundtables are held. Also, the Center provides such services as psychological and legal aid, group of support for transgender people and people with HIV.


Valentina Likoshva, Murmansk LGBT Group “Maximum”

Valentina Likhoshva-1

Valentina is a Psychologist and Leader of “The House of Equality” Project at the Regional Group for Support of LGBT Community “Maximum” (Murmansk, Russia).


Aleksei Khudiakov, Murmansk LGBT Group “Maximum”

Alexey Khudyakov-3

Aleksei is an Activist and Coordinator of Educational and Art Projects at the Regional Group for Support of LGBT Community “Maximum” (Murmansk, Russia).


Julianna Est, Murmansk LGBT Group “Maximum”

Julianna is an Information Security Coordinator at the Regional Group for Support of LGBT Community “Maximum” (Murmansk, Russia).


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