BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules For Nationwide Marriage Equality

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Supreme Court Rules For Nationwide Marriage Equality!

We celebrate today. It’s a historic day. Congratulations! This is a day of joy and victory! LGBT people are singing the national anthem of the United States of America outside of the Supreme Court with tears in their eyes… This is our day, but our fight is far from over! LGbT asylum seekers to the U.S. do not have a system of support, they can’t receive work permits usually up to a year since arrival. There is huge problem and discrimination with housing. Even those LGBT asylum seekers, who have savings and could pay for a modest apartment, cannot find housing because they don’t have credit history and don’t have legal jobs. Asylum seekers are forced to work illegally to survive and are forced to live in risky conditions. This is so wrong. Justice for all, justice for asylum seekers. We are thinking of our friends in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and many other countries where LGBT people courageously fight for equality and risk their lives daily. Their fight is our fight. We are not liberated unless we are free everywhere in the world. We will win. This is still the beginning. Congratulations.

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