International Activists at NYC Pride

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This year we are trying to do something we have never done before! We are bringing international activists to NYC Pride. And we are asking for your help!
We think it’s very important to establish friendships across borders, break stereotypes, collaborate on advancing human rights worldwide and celebrate together!
We are trying to bring 7 courageous LGBT activists, 4 from Russia and 3 from Ukraine! They definitely deserved some fun time!
RUSA is a volunteer based organization! So, people power and crowd funding!

If you have a job and can help – please chip in! 

If you can’t – please share our campaign on social media!

We invite everyone to join our After-Pride Party where you can meet all the activists!
Thank you!

Click the button to read more about our campaign and to donate:

Please donate! $20 will do magic! 


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