Children-404: Screening in NYC

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New Yorkers! Join us for the screening of Children-404, a new documentary about LGBT kids in Russia, followed by discussion with journalist and writer Masha Gessen.

Thursday September 4, 7PM at Village East Cinema.

Come to support Russian filmmakers who overcame tremendous difficulties to make this movie. This movie was shot in secrecy. This movie is distributed for free in Russia. Screening was met with protests , threats and intimidation by police. Directors were summoned by Investigative Committee for questioning. Come. This is a very good way to show solidarity. Come and invite friends. Let’s fill those seats.

The film is a powerful collection of stories about discrimination, ostracism and inner pain. As part of its production, 45 teenagers agreed to be interviewed and to film their daily lives. Most did so anonymously. “The idea was to give these children a voice, because nobody believed that they exist,” Askold Kurov, one of the filmmakers, tells Maclean’s. “We wanted to feel their world, and to see what they see themselves.”


О фильме на русском –


Tickets $15.50:


Children 404
Village East Cinema
181 – 189 2nd Ave, New York
Thursday September 4, 7PM

In Russian with English subtitles.

Children 404: written and directed by Askold Kurov and Pavel Loparev

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