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Please read if you are joining RUSA LGBT for NYC Pride March or for the after-party.
Важная информация, все, кто с нами идёт на Прайд или прайд-вечеринку, прочтите!
Happy Pride! Hope to see you at the March and the after-party!

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WHEN: 11:30 AM, Sunday June 29th

WHERE: 39th Street between Madison Ave and 5th Ave. RUSA LGBT will be marching in Section 5, Group 6

Important: Stay on the East Side of Manhattan! Please enter our location from Madison Ave because 5th Ave will be CLOSED TO PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC!

What to Bring: Comfy shoes, hat, camera, water, sunglasses and sunscreen, umbrella if forecast predicts rain. The police recommend that marchers refrain from bringing backpacks & bags due to security concerns.

Moment of Silence: 11:58am. Please stop, stand and remember those we lost to AIDS, violence and neglect.

Bathroom Breaks: If you need to use the bathroom along the way, we have “bathroom passes” for you to show the NYPD for re-admission. The best spots for a bathroom are the large department stores or hotel lobbies; any Starbucks & such will have a long line. Group Marshalls, Yelena, Oleg and Mitja will have those passes. Group marshals will wear special t-shirts, you will be able to recognize them in a crowd.

Staying safe / Maintaining close distance: We need to keep up with the parade pace and avoid big gaps between marching groups. Therefore, please stay to the SIDES or BEHIND our car, so our driver can move at a quick pace without putting your safety at risk.

Pride Route:


People’s Lounge
163 Allen St., New York
No cover!

All RUSA members, friends and family are invited to the party! You don’t need to speak Russian to join! We will be very happy to see everybody!
This is going to be the one of the very few FREE parties in the city! No cover is a rare treat on Pride day.

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Happy Pride!

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